Growing Digital Business


March 7, 2015

Product Design

Delivering quality health care affordably is fast becoming a systemic concern for the worlds population. Hospital beds are in short supply, and most medical facilities are dated, cramped, and often unhygienic. Still, ask most people and they believe that good medical treatment is something everyone should have access to.

Necessity spawns innovation. And you need look no further than India where a few relatively new hospitals have devised ways of providing world-class health care affordably — and to scale.

These hospitals target well-off patients, which forces them to provide care that meets global quality standards. But their purpose is to serve everyone, including patients with very low incomes, which puts pressure on the organizations to lower costs dramatically.

Such a business model scales because the low costs of these hospitals attract large volumes of patients and allow the overall enterprise to be profitable. As a result, the hospitals are able to sustain their operations not through the usual government subsidies, charitable donations, or insurance reimbursements but through their revenues.

Couple this strategy with the boom in medical tourism and soon uninsured and underinsured patients will be able to receive high-quality treatment at internationally accredited hospitals for less than half of what they would pay in America.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Thing is how do these hospitals market themselves internationally to an audience kept at bay by the insurance provider’s glass ceiling?

Cue Referably, a listings guide for international hospitals. Hospitals generate significant traffic by listing their services, physician profiles, and prices on Referably, and patients gain access to reviews, descriptions, photos, maps, accreditations and more.

By empowering patients to make informed decisions about where to have treatment, Referably opens the doors to thousands of hospitals and physicians providing access to quality affordable health care for everyone.

Referably is a personal project currently in concept phase.

View the prototype here.